Organic black pepper

Organic black pepper

1) Product description

The Piper nigrum is represented as a perennial creeper, evergreen, which rise along a tutor tree that can reach up to 10m of height. The pepper tree is cultivated for its corn, used as spices.
Phael Flor Export company collect peppercorn near local farmers in a plantatation of 100Ha, located nearest Nosy Varika (South east coast of Madagascar), always under the company supervision in order to satisfy the organic farming requirements. Harvesting happens in two periods: September to November and February to June.
The peppercorns are transported in Antananarivo to be treated, where they will be carefully dried and sorted.

2) Product available for sale

The product available for export is presented in dried cord. It is packed 20Kg by 20Kg in polypropylene bag. The quality of the product is strictly inspected before packaging, by passing the bag through metal detector.
Annual production : 150 tons

3) Quality

The company can supply 3 kinds of quality:
– Light pepper : 300g/L gravity
– Half-heavy pepper : 400 to 450g/L gravity
– Heavy pepper : 500 to 600g/L gravity
The organoleptic characteristics of peppercorn form Madagascar are internationally recognized by its taste more pronounced, and a color brilliant black especially for heavy pepper.