Essential oils production

Raw material

The raw materials used for steam distillation come from various locations on the Eastern and northwestern part of the island.

They come either from plantations owned and managed by the company or from products picked and harvested by local farmers.

Every production site is strictly applying organic farming methods and our products comply with relevant requirements of regulation such as EC Regulations or NOP USDA Standards (USA) and carry the BIO / CEE, NOP / USA, ESR (fair trade) labels.

Production methods

The essential oils are extracted from plants by steam distillation. The company owns three distillation sites :

  • Andoharanofotsy where the main plant is established
  • Moramanga where the agricultural site run by the company is located
  • Mahanoro, a small production unit set up by the company

Phael Flor Export

PHAEL FLOR EXPORT uses 5 stills of 3 000 liter each and 6 stills of 1 000 liters each, exclusively build in stainless steel. The plant materials are distilled on-site in order to ensure that the best quality of oil is obtained. The essential oils produced from the various sites are subsequently transported to the main plant in charge of controlling the settling, the filtration and the visual and oil factory aspect of the product.

The essential oils are sorted in very precise lots and sent to specialized laboratories for chromatographic analysis (CPG) before being stored in stainless steel tanks or in HDPE drums.

Products for sale

The essential oil are put in HDPE drums of 20 kg, therefore packed in boxes. For every firm order, a representative sample is first sent to the customer for agreement. Then, upon customers ‘request, the products are generally shipped by airfreight.