Cinnamon Organic Madagascar

Cinnamon Organic Madagascar

Cinnamon Organic MadagascarCinnamomum zeylanicum Blume
Agro-alimentary Organic product certified by ECOCERT SAS F-36 600
NOP certified by ECOCERT SAS F-36 600

1) Product description

Cinnamon Organic from Madagascar is dried inner bark of a small evergreen tree that is harvested during the rainy season when the bark is most flexible and easiest to work with.

PHAEL FLOR EXPORT grows cinnamom on a surface of 200ha in the Vatomandry and Mahanoro regions, in partnership with native farmhands from Ilaka East.

With the assistance of the company, these local growers perform the cuttings and peeling of the barks. The company also provides the required equipment to dry the barks in order to preserve the quality and the sanitary features of the products.

The age of the tree, the attention given at harvest time, and season have an influence on the product value.

2) Products available for sale

  • Unscratched cinnamom : the inner bark is peeled with its outer layer and dried.
  • Scratched cinnamom : the outer layer is removed through scraping before the bark is peeled away. The flavor and color are stronger. This quality is usually one recommended to customers.
  • Cinnamom sticks : the bark is scrapped the carefully peeled away and rolled up into cinnamom sticks. The standard length is 12 cm but upon customers ‘request, other length could be provided.
  • Essential oil of cinnamom bark : it is obtained through the distillation of scrapped cinnamom, which guarantees a fully satisfactory quality with a high level of 55% cinnamaldehyde. It ca, sometimes reach up to 65%.

3) Quality of Cinnamon Organic

The Cinnamon Organic from Madagascar (cinnamom zeylanicum) has the same subtile, sweet and delicate flavor as the Cinnamom produced in Sri Lanka, but is quite different from the Chinese Cinnamom (cinnamomum kassia). Indeed, the Cinnamom from China contains some coumarin, a substance prohibited in some European countries.

Products traceability is fully carried out by the company, all the products are certified organic according to the European (EC), American (NOP) regulations.

4) Intended use

Cinnamom is used as a spice in cooking and in the food industry. Cinnamom essential oil is mostly used to aromatize liqueurs and cosmetics.

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