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Phael Flor Export

Phael Flor Export : The family

Commitment towards rural communities and families.

At PHAEL-FLOR, we believe that the long term success of our business can only be assured if value is jointly created for the Company and Society. This is most marked in the area of rural development where the overall wellbeing of rural communities and farmers are fully part of the long-term success of our activities. These farmers are in many cases also growing a variety of agricultural crops for their own and local consumption, providing a vital role in the community development.

Not only do we provide employment to farmers, we also strive to support their families by (1) helping women to socially integrate through work and (2) subsidizing tuition fees related to education for children. [/one_third] [one_third]

Phael Flor Export : 100% organic.

100% organic products.

At PHAEL-FLOR, we undertook to strictly respect the following rules in order to obtain the organic-certified label for all our products:

  • we do respect the environment, the soil and the consumer
  • we do not use any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or growth hormone in our activities ( from planting to bottling )
  • we only use natural organic matter and apply the principle of crop rotations. [/one_third] [one_third_last]
Phael Flor Export : Impeccable quality

Highest-quality products.

For over 35 years now, we have been using our knowledge and commitment to make sure that the products we offer are and remain the best it can be.

Everything we produce is subject to extensive quality controls and double-checking in our labs, ensuring perfect and consistent product quality to our customers. [/one_third_last] [gap height=”10″] [custom_background bg=”#9bbf45″ fullbg=”no” ][gap height=”5″][google_font font=”Graduate” font_size=”20″]

Welcome to Phael Flor Export website, Cap Export winner 2012

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Phael Flor Export Trophy

In 2012, Phael-Flor Export has been awarded “Best Exporter” in the innovation category of the Cap Export Award. This competition, dedicated to Export Businesses, was jointly organized by the France-Madagascar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFM), the Cap Export Project, AFD (French Agency for Development) and the European Union.

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Processing of plants raw materials to extract their Essential oils

This process allows us to offer a wide variety of essentials oils to our customers: cinnamon, ginger, pepper, geranium, clove, ravintsara …

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Phael Flor ExportSpices export

Our best products are meticulously sorted and selected to meet our customers’ requirements.  We export bourbon vanilla beans, clove, ginger, pepper, turmeric …

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Phael Flor Export certifications[gap height=”10″]dot